Meeting the Parents

Although we believe using online Muslim dating can be a better way to meet singles than arranged marriage, we believe parents play a pivotal role in your relationships and life. Introducing your prospective partner to your family is a big step in your relationship and it can be a rather nerve-racking experience. The feeling of angst and anxiety will be rushing through your bones – this is normal. You may have been expected to marry in an arranged marriage and you may feel that your parents will disapprove of your initiative but this is not the case, in reality they’ll think it’s a huge burden off their shoulders finding a match for yourself.

This is a really big step and a lot of singles get a bit disconcerted about this and don’t really know how to go about it. We have compiled some useful tips to avoid making this session a disaster!

First and foremost you should brief both parties about each other, names, funny anecdotes and allergies and other obstacles which may come in the way of the meet. This will lead to good quality conversations and avoid any awkward missteps during the conversations and your partner won’t be blind about what your parents are discussing. Before the date you should make sure that you know your perspective partner well enough, not to arouse any suspicious you don’t know each other.

You may want to appease your family, do so but don’t go overboard by hiding certain things about your prospective partner. Make sure that you tell your match from that he or she should act normally. It is crucial that your family like them for who they are rather than some superficial identity you are creating on the first visit. They should still act with good manners, especially with your parents and revealing clothing may be a no-no. At this stage don’t talk about sensitive issues which may initiate outrage and anger, try and talk about the reason you like him or her, highlight their finer qualities and what makes them a good Muslim. This will elevate your potential future spouse’s status within your family, which is crucial for embarking upon a successful and blessed relationship.

Meeting the family is an important step. You’re not only introducing your partner to your life, but the lives of your family too. A nice gift may be nice, some traditional sweets maybe?  You must make sure when you make this step that both of you want to embark on a future together as husband and wife. Good luck! 

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